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Every staircase we produce at Hardwood Design Inc. is inspired by the work of an architect. Once a design is drafted, we do our best to successfully capture the architect's original vision. Alternatively, we are known for offering architects alternative design concepts that may have been over looked. Our pond side conference room/show room is often the meeting place for architects, their clients and our staff to see the possibilities of the project.

Samples and mock-ups are an essential part of design development. Architects and designers are encouraged to request samples so that their clients can see and feel the elements of their stair and balustrade.

We are known for recreating the most graceful historic rail fittings and profiles. Large sweeping goosenecks and oversized climbing volutes are often seen in our projects. If modern is the proffered style one can see slick steel and glass stair designs in our photo gallery.

We have 30 years of experience making custom stairs and stair parts. Using our skill and experience, we will often refine dimensions to maximize space, production efficiency and to ensure code compliance. However, we rely on the eye of the architect to drive the aesthetic direction and proportions of each flight of stairs we make.

Our stair builders can work with architects during the early design phase of a new project or after the blueprints have already been drawn up. Either way, we guarantee that the structures will be safe, secure and maintain the architect's artistic intent.

We archive all of our drawing blocks and offer these to architects to increase drawing, design and production efficiency. Also, to streamline the process, we request that architects specify Hardwood Design Inc. components and services on their plans and bid documents.

Interested architects can also request a CD that contains sample CAD drawings, stair gallery pictures and more by emailing with their name and address.

To learn more about our designs and services, or to request samples from the work shop, architects can contact us by phone (401.294.2235) or fax (401.295.1086). As well, all clients can visit the Hardwood Design Inc. headquarters at 24 Dorset Mill Road in Exeter, Rhode Island.