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Of all of the specialty trades, stairbuilding is among the most demanding, as it requires extreme attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. Mistakes made during the building process will compromise the long-term quality of the structure and only end up costing the homeowner more money. Let us lead you through the process so that you receive the maximum value for your money. By using our online catalog and gallery you can see some of the design and material options we have to offer. We are featured in www.houzz.com showing over 2000 stair images from which to draw ideas. Local new England customers can visit our show room in Exeter RI.

The stairbuilders at Hardwood Design Inc. have been integral members of the Stair Manufacturers Association (SMA) for many years, helping to create the codes and standards that are used throughout the industry. We have set a benchmark and built a strong reputation by building many of the highest-quality residential staircases in New England. Not only are we considered leaders in the field, but we have also done our best to help educate homeowners and craftsmen with little or no experience building stairs themselves.

On our website, we offer a glossary of terms that can help homeowners familiarize themselves with the language used by stairbuilders during the construction process. This allows homeowners to be more involved in the building of their new staircase and better vocalize what they want out of their new structure.

We offer all services to our customers, from the design and installation of completely new staircases to the rehabilitation of antique or damaged flights. Using our CNC machining, we can even create reproduction stair parts that match your existing pieces exactly.

Collaborating with homeowners throughout the stairbuilding process is something we value at Hardwood Design Inc. A successful working relationship is beneficial to all parties involved and helps ensure that every project goes smoothly.

Homeowners who would like to learn more should contact us by phone (401.294.2235) or fax (401.295.1086). We also offer complimentary flash drives showcasing our previous work. These can be requested by email at info@hdistair.com.