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There are some real benefits to choosing a shop built stair. Quality and efficiency are much easier to control in the shop environment. Imagine a special machine, tool or fixture designed for every aspect of stair building all in one location, our Exeter Rhode Island facility. Stairs built on site are subject to the limitations of work space, potentially damaging humidity levels and basic portable tools. While many skilled stair builders perform masterfully on site, they are forced to "make do" with limited resources.

The other benefit to shop built stairs is schedule. We can begin the process of fabrication in the early stages of rough framing or as soon as the project is ready for site measuring, often prior to a roof being complete. A site stair builder must wait until the building shell is weather tight and secure.

Our stairs are delivered to the site fully plastic wrapped and with tread covers that prevent damage. Site built stairs are exposed to worksite grime and grit as they are being constructed and often require repair due to damage prior to completion.

Consider a shop-built staircase as you would similarly constructed cabinetry or furniture. Because we build our staircases in our workshop, we can conceal the fasteners on our flights and make sure every surface is smooth and every joint secure. Site built stairs are nailed over green lumber that eventually shrinks and causes separation and squeaking. Our process eliminates the need for rough carriages and eliminates potential squeaks.

The turnover time from empty well opening to having a usable stair is very short, often just a few hours, because the installation is just a matter of setting the fully assembled staircase in place and fastening it to the floor system and to the walls. The other tradesman and customers only lose access to the stair during this initial phase of installation. A site built stair must be closed off until the carpenter completes his work, often a matter of days or even weeks in the case of circular stairs.

At Hardwood Design Inc, we have decades of experience building and installing shop built staircases. We guarantee that the final product will have a level of quality and excellence that exceeds our competitors' because we have the best tools at our disposal and will invest unparalleled time and care into your design.