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Few shops can match our design and engineering capabilities. If you have an idea in mind for a specific staircase project, our design and engineering team will help you develop a concept that will realize this vision.

The Hardwood Design Inc. design team is dedicated to determining the overall appearance of the stair and every minor aesthetic detail. We offer customers an extensive photo gallery of completed projects as well as archived CAD drawings to draw ideas from. We also have a wealth of reference books on stair designs and can provide website links to interested customers that show thousands of stair and rail ideas.

We pride ourselves on bringing customers into our showroom, which displays samples and mockups that help them delineate size, scale and appearance before investing in the final concept. Our creative in-house designers are always helpful and make themselves available throughout the drafting process.

The engineering process determines how the stair is put together, how it functions and feels and the logistics of the process from drawing to installation. We use ergonomic rules of thumb to establish rise and run geometry and profiles, and then create shop drawings and models that clearly communicate the construction details to you, the customer, and to our shop fabricators and installers.

Our engineers uncover flaws in design prior to actual fabrication through constant review of shop drawings, models and mockups, then modify load calculations to ensure safety, function and code conformity.

We actively participate in trade groups and conferences, like the Stairway Manufacturers Association, in order to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and stair-building techniques. Our continuous improvement of processes enables us to provide greater value to our customers.