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Building materials are expensive, and stair parts are no exception. Protect your investment by hiring a team of tradespeople who understand what is at stake and what needs to be done in order to keep a project on budget.

Careful and thorough installation is as important as the quality of the material. For almost 30 years, we have brought complicated staircases onto some of New England's most challenging work sites, while many of our competitors offer little or no installation service.

Our installers are extremely well equipped with the latest and greatest hand tools, power tools and accessories including a lap top with WiFi access to the job and design files at the shop. This allows the shop and installer to communicate clearly and efficiently exchanging photos, material lists and as built drawings on a daily basis.

Stair building and handrail work is very specialized and demanding. While your team may have many skills and be able to hang doors, install cabinets and cut in a complex roof frame, our installers only install stairs and railings. We have learned and developed techniques, tools and tricks of the trade for almost 30 years, and have found that we can complete a project two- to three- times faster than the most talented general carpenter.

We cooperate with your team so that your work meets our work with the most efficient effort and the least conflict. There are no trade secrets, and if you or one of your team members wants to learn about stair and installation, we are happy to pass on this skill by having you assist in the process. Some of our customers have made the switch from full Hardwood Design installation to tailgate delivery because of the training we have provided.

Some customers require complete installation while others prefer to use their own qualified labor with "as needed" assistance from one of our expert installers. We are able to help with any and all your installation needs.